There are many places in time when the title of King has been fought over. Elves, Gnomes, Dwarves, and especially Humans. Everybody wants to feel important.
Within the human realms, there lies the Kingdom of Psion. It is a place where people who would know the magic of the mind known as Psionics come to train and to learn. The kingdom has been ruled by the powerful house of Grayson for as long as the kingdom has existed. The kindom is ruled jointly, so as not to give one person too much power. The current rulers are the twins of the late king and queen Grayson. Brian and Samuel landed a legacy when their parents were found dead in their chambers. Part of that legacy are the two crowns. The Stygian Diabolist(for the eldest ruler) and the Gossamer Assailant(for the younger ruler). Whosoever wears these crowns are seen as the true kings/Queens of Psionics. Unfortunately, the man who killed their parents has not yet been found, and he will surely strike again.

Natural King